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Capacity Building Programme for Central Banks (CB-CaB)

Global financial crisis once more drove attention to the importance of powerful financial systems for macroeconomic stability. SESRIC convenes the Governors of the concerned financial institutions operating in OIC Member Countries for the purpose of sharing experiences on financial policies and central banking in order to catch up with the world’s agenda and follow up global trends and developments as well as to improve and enhance the level of cooperation and coordination among the Central Banks of the OIC Member Countries.

As part of efforts towards enhancing the level of cooperation and coordination among the institutions to mitigate the negative impacts of global financial crises and shocks in international financial markets on the economies of Member States, the Capacity Building Programme for Central Banks has been initiated in early 2009 by SESRIC. Within this framework, the Centre is organising short-term training programmes regarding needs and capacities of the Central Banks in the member countries of the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Implemented CBPs for Central Banks

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Venue Date  
Mogadishu Somalia 19-21 December 2016 Training Course on ‘Money and Banking Statistics’ in Somalia
Istanbul Turkey 12-14 December 2016 Workshop on ‘Sukuk and Islamic Liquidity Management’
Amman-Jordan 20-24 November 2016 Training Course on ‘Formulation of Monetary Policy’ in Jordan
Nairobi - Kenya 10-11 November 2016 Training Workshop on ‘How to Develop, Operate and Sustain Islamic Microfinance Institutions’
Ankara Turkey 01-18 November 2016 On-site Training on ‘System of Predicting Financial Crisis based on Macroeconomic Indicators’
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 31 October - 04 November 2016 Training Workshop on ‘Macroprudential Analysis & Policy Framework’ in Malaysia
Conakry-Guinea 19-20 October 2016 Training Course on ‘Organisational Development’ in Guinea
Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei 11-13 October 2016 Training Workshop on ‘Corporate Governance and Internal Audit’ in Brunei Darussalam
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 19-23 September 2016 Training Workshop on ‘Liquidity Management for Islamic Banks’ in Malaysia
Almaty Kazakhstan 07-08 September 2016 Training Course on ‘Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions’ in Kazakhstan
Istanbul Turkey 01-03 September 2016 International Joint Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance (IJCIEF)
Istanbul Turkey 27-31 August 2016 Third Summer School on Islamic Economics and Finance

Main Subjects

Balance of Payments Statistics Currency Production and Operations Financial Stability
Financial Tables based Real Sector Statistics Forecasting at the Central Bank Inflation Targeting
Islamic Financial Instruments Macroeconomic Modelling Market Operations
Money and Banking Statistics Payment Systems Reserve Management
Risk Management Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions  

Download the Questionnaire

SESRIC highly appreciates your valued cooperation and urges all Central Banks in the OIC Member Countries to participate in the Capacity Building Programme in order to effectively plan and implement training programmes which will, no doubt, add to the specialisation efforts of experts in the OIC Member Countries in general and play an important role in the improvement of human capital in the Member Countries.

You are highly welcomed to download the related questionnaire and involve in the efforts towards the realisation of the high level cooperation and collaboration among the OIC Member Countries.

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