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Transportation is an indispensable element in any economic activity. Without physical access to resources and markets, economic growth and development cannot be possible. An efficient multimodal transportation system is, therefore, a fundamental element in sustainable economic development. It facilitates the transfer and movements of people, goods, services and resources and improves access to local and international markets. The development of modern and efficient multimodal transportation infrastructures and services, together with adequate and coherent relevant laws and regulations, are also crucial factors for enhancing and strengthening regional economic cooperation and integration.

In line with the COMCEC Strategy that was adopted by the Fourth Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Summit Conference held in Makkah al-Mukarramah on 14-15 August 2012, SESRIC initiated the Railway Capacity Building Programme (RW-CaB) in 2013 within the OIC-VET Information, Communication & Transportation area in order to develop a framework of cooperation in the field of transport, including the trade, transport facilitation activities and railways and to increase institutional and human capacity of the Member States in railway related issues. The Centre organises short-term training programmes, workshops and study visits according to the needs of the OIC Member Countries.

Implemented (RW-CaB) Programmes

Please Select a Year: 2016 2015 2013

Venue Date  
Dhaka Bangladesh 21-22 December 2016 Training Course on ''Cross Border Activities''

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The Ankara Centre highly appreciates your valued cooperation and urges all National Railway Authorities in the OIC Member Countries to participate in the Railway Capacity Building Programme (RW-CaB) in order to effectively plan and implement training programmes which will, no doubt, add to the specialisation efforts of experts in the OIC Member Countries in general and play an important role in the improvement of human capital in the Member Countries.

You are highly welcomed to download the related questionnaire and involve in the efforts towards the realisation of the high level cooperation and collaboration among the OIC Member Countries.

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