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Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme for National Statistical Organisations

The accurate, timely, reliable and consistent statistical data is of an utmost importance for policy making and strategy development in any country. The Member Countries of OIC have widely different capacities for producing statistical data in accordance with the relevant internationally-accepted statistical standards. Thus, StatCab is an attempt to identify major needs and capacities of OIC Member Countries' National Statistical Organizations in order to enhance National Statistical Systems in OIC Member Countries.

The Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme has been initiated in early 2007. It is a long-term training programme and large scale capacity development project. Within this framework, the Centre collects information from NSOs of OIC Member Countries through questionnaires, assesses the needs and capacities of the Member Countries accordingly, and matches these needs and capacities through organizing short term training programs, courses or workshops. Besides, the Centre evaluates the outcomes and impacts of the training and disseminates the activities.

The StatCaB Questionnaire and Terms of Reference File for the Biennium 2016 and 2017

The StatCaB questionnaire, made available in three official languages of the OIC, can be downloaded by clicking on the below relevant links.

► The StatCab Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French)

The Terms of Reference files required to be completed by the beneficiary NSOs of the OIC member countries to identify the exact scope of the requested statistical capacity building activities will be made available soon for download.

Statistical Activities per Domains Covered under the StatCab Programme

Domain 1: Demographic and Social Statistics Domain 2: Economic Statistics Domain 3: Environment and Multi-Domain Statistics Domain 4: Methodology of Data Collection, Processing, Dissemination and Analysis Domain 5: Strategic and Managerial Issues of Official Statistics
1.1 Population and migration 2.1 Macroeconomic statistics 3.1 Environment 4.1 Metadata 5.1 Institutional frameworks and principles; role and organization of official statistics
1.2 Labour 2.2 Economic accounts 3.2 Regional and small area statistics 4.2 Classifications 5.2 Statistical programmes; coordination within statistical systems
1.3 Education 2.3 Business statistics 3.3 Multi-domain statistics and indicators 4.3 Data sources 5.3 Quality frameworks and measurement of performance of statistical systems and offices
1.4 Health 2.4 Sectoral statistics 3.3.1 Living conditions, poverty and cross-cutting social issues 4.3.1 Population and housing censuses; registers of population, dwellings and buildings 5.4 Management and development of human resources
1.5 Income and consumption 2.4.1 Agriculture, forestry, fisheries 3.3.2 Gender and special population groups 4.3.2 Business and agricultural censuses and registers 5.5 Management and development of technological resources (including standards for electronic data exchange and data sharing)
1.6 Social protection 2.4.2 Energy 3.3.3 Information society 4.3.3 Household surveys 5.6 Coordination of international statistical work
1.7 Human settlements and housing 2.4.3 Mining, manufacturing, construction 3.3.4 Globalisation 4.3.4 Business and agricultural surveys 5.7 Technical cooperation and capacity building
1.8 Justice and crime 2.4.4 Transport 3.3.5 Indicators related to the Millennium Development Goals 4.3.5 Other administrative sources  
1.9 Culture 2.4.5 Tourism 3.3.6 Sustainable development 4.4 Data editing and data linkage  
1.10 Political and other community activities 2.4.6 Banking, insurance, financial statistics 3.3.7 Entrepreneurship 4.5 Dissemination, data warehousing  
1.11 Time use 2.5 Government finance, fiscal and public sector statistics 3.4 Yearbooks and similar compendia 4.6 Statistical confidentiality and disclosure protection  
  2.6 International trade and balance of payments   4.7 Data analysis  
  2.7 Prices      
  2.8 Labour cost      
  2.9 Science, technology and innovation      

Professional Skills for Official Statisticians Covered under the StatCab Programme

6: Effective Communication 7: Leadership and Personal Development in an Official Statistics Setting 8: Stakeholder Relations and Statistical Literacy
6.1 Analytical and Critical Thinking 7.1 Change Management 8.1 Community Outreach through Social Media for National Statistics Offices
6.2 Effective Oral Communication Techniques 7.2 Concepts of Leadership 8.2 Developing Statistical Literacy and Data Awareness Initiatives
6.3 Effective Written Communication Techniques 7.3 Group Dynamics and Human Behaviour 8.3 Efficient User Complaints Management Systems
  7.4 Mentoring and Career Counselling Mechanisms 8.4 Stakeholder Relationship Management
  7.5 Organising Effective Meetings  
  7.6 Team Formation and Management  
  7.7 Time Management  
  7.8 Understanding the Business of Statistics and Project Management  

Implemented StatCaB Programmes

Please Select a Year: 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007

Venue Date  
Nouakchott Mauritania 10-13 October 2016 Training Course on 'Information Society Statistics' in Mauritania
Baku Azerbaijan 27-28 September 2016 Training Course on 'Science, Technology, and Innovation Statistics' in Azerbaijan
Tunis Tunisia 26-29 September 2016 Study Visit on 'Health Statistics' in Tunisia
Astana Kazakhstan 26-30 September 2016 Technical Mission on 'Transport Statistics' to Kazakhstan
Islamabad Pakistan 20-22 September 2016 Training Course on ‘Agricultural Surveys’ in Pakistan
Serre Kunda Gambia 20-22 September 2016 Training Course on ‘Agricultural Surveys’ in Gambia
Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei 20-22 September 2016 Training Course on ‘International Trade Statistics’ in Brunei
Lomé Togo 13-15 September 2016 Training Course on 'Labour Statistics' in Togo
Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei 06-08 September 2016 Training Course on ‘Labour Statistics’ in Brunei
Nouakchott Mauritania 05-08 September 2016 Training Course on ‘Transport Statistics’ in Mauritania
Doha Qatar 04-08 September 2016 Training Course on ‘Living Conditions and Poverty Statistics’ in Qatar
Kampala Uganda 29-30 August 2016 Training Course on ‘Policies to Fight Against Informal Employment’ in Uganda
Cairo Egypt 29-31 August 2016 Training Course on ‘Agriculture Statistics’ in Egypt
Serre Kunda Gambia 24-26 August 2016 Training Course on ‘Tourism Statistics’ in Gambia
Tashkent Uzbekistan 16-19 August 2016 Training Course on ‘Labour Statistics’ in Uzbekistan
Paramaribo Suriname 09-11 August 2016 Training Course on ‘Tourism Statistics’ in Suriname
Cairo Egypt 26-28 April 2016 Training Course on 'Business Registers' in Egypt
Manama Bahrain 25-27 April 2016 Training Course on 'Social Accounting Matrixes' in Bahrain
Muscat Oman 18-20 April 2016 Training Course on ' Labour Statistics ' in Oman
Manama Bahrain 15-17 March 2016 Training Course on ‘Balance of Payments and External Statistics’ in Bahrain
Dushanbe Tajikistan 22-23 February 2016 Training Course on 'Professional Skills for Official Statisticians: Time Management' in Tajikistan
Riyadh Saudi Arabia 22-24 February 2016 Training Course on 'Professional Skills for Official Statisticians: Effective Written Communication Techniques' in Saudi Arabia
Amman Jordan 16-18 February 2016 Study Visit on ‘Poverty Statistics’ in Jordan
Dushanbe Tajikistan 15-17 February 2016 Training Course on ‘Poverty Statistics’ in Tajikistan
Khartoum Sudan 08-10 February 2016 Training Course on ‘Poverty Statistics’ in Sudan
Kabul Afghanistan 23 January - 12 February 2016 Technical Mission on ‘Module 2: Quarterly National Accounts’ to Afghanistan

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