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Fatwa on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) issued by IIFA
Date : 20 December 2016 Venue : Jeddah Saudi Arabia

A fatwa concerning the importance of occupational safety and health for workers, the legitimacy of its goals, and the necessity of commitment to its standards and compulsion of applying its procedures has been issued by the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA). The fatwa is a further step towards realising the outcomes of the General Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), which was endorsed by the Third Islamic Conference of Labour Ministers (ICLM) held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 28-30 October 2015.

With the intention of increasing the awareness of the national authorities in OIC Member Countries in development of legislations and safety mechanisms in order to prevent growth in consequences such as accident, dangerous occurrence, occupational disease apart from emergency and disaster in various industries, the fatwa will be a noticeable prospect with respect to achieve the unity of the ummah by striving to have man conform his conduct to Islamic principles at the individual, social as well as international levels.

The document emphasizes that the setting of procedures, standards and requirements related to the safety and health of employees is an order required by Islam, but the implementation of these requirements is the duty of all stakeholders, i.e. employees, administrators and employers at all levels, as Allah the Almighty has ordered us to be good and warned us from falling into the doom of all kinds. With this understanding, the International Islamic Fiqh Academy supports what is stated in the General Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health and calls upon relevant institutions, organizations and bodies to preserve its efforts and decent intrest in all related issues.

In realization of the noble objectives of the above mentioned General Guidelines, SESRIC, runs the Occupational Safety and Health Capacity Building (OSHCaB) Programme and undertakes the secretariat of the OIC Occupational Safety and Health Network (OIC-OSHNET). For more information about the activities of the OSHCaB and the OSHNET please visit: http://www.oicvet.org/cbp-ohscab.php and http://www.oicvet.org/oshnet/



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