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Training Course on Monetary Policy Formulation
Date : 02-03 April 2019 Venue : Baku Azerbaijan

SESRIC organised a Training Course on “Monetary Policy Formulation” at the Central Bank of Azerbaijan in the capital Baku on 02-03 April 2019, within the framework of the OIC Capacity Building Programme for Central Banks (CB-CaB).

Two experts from the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey conducted the training course.

The two-day training focused on the following topics:

  • Monetary Policy, including theory and practice (Introduction to Inflation Targeting)
  • Turkey’s adoption of Inflation Targeting
  • Why policy mix
  • The use of macro-prudential tools after global financial crises
  • Monetary policy, and financial markets
  • Measuring monetary policy stance and financial and
  • Monetary indicators.

The Capacity Building Programme for Central Banks (CB-CaB) is an initiative started by SESRIC in early 2009 to enhance cooperation among institutions of Member Countries. Within this framework, the Centre organises short-term training programmes regarding the needs and capacities of the Central Banks in OIC Countries.


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