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OIC Disaster Risk Management Capacity Building Programme (OIC DRM-CaB)

Disaster is an unprecedented calamity which adversely disrupts the normal scenario of the affected zones. Sometimes the amount of losses caused by the disaster exceeds the community’s or society’s ability to cope using its own resources. But practice of the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) may reduce the risks and losses through systematic efforts to analyse and reduce the causal factors of disasters.

The concept of the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) is a part of the sustainable development in OIC Member Countries, as a significant number of the Member Countries lack the instruments, skills and expertise to factor the potential adverse effect of disasters in their investment decisions even though some of them geographically and due to the particular climate are prone to natural disasters. Therefore mainstreaming of disaster risk management into development policies and transmission of intra-OIC knowledge and experience are top priority concerns for of OIC Member Countries for preparation to face any sudden calamity.

Therefore, in line with the request of the 38th Session of the Islamic Commission for Economic, Cultural and Social Affairs (ICECS), which was held on 31 March–2 April 2015, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Centre has commenced the Disaster Risk Management Capacity Building Programme of OIC Member Countries (OIC DRM-CaB). Consequently, the Centre has prepared a questionnaire of the OIC DRM-CaB Programme so that after receiving the responses of this questionnaire from the relevant authorities of the OIC Member Countries, different types of capacity building activities can be arranged according to the needs and capacities of the Member Countries.

Implemented OIC DRM-CaB programmes

Please Select a Year: 2015

Venue Date  
Baku Azerbaijan 24-25 November 2015 Training Course on ‘‘Early Warning Systems (Multi-Hazard)’’

Main Subjects and Cooperation Areas:

Enhancing Disaster Preparedness for Effective Response, and to “Build Back Better” in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction Damage and Needs Assessment Methodology Early Recovery Planning
Long-term Recovery and Reconstruction Coordination of Disaster Relief and Aid Flow Early Warning Systems
Risk Management of Specific Hazards Strengthening Disaster Risk Governance Investing in Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience

Download the Questionnaire

SESRIC highly appreciates your valued cooperation and urges all Countries in the OIC to participate in the OIC Disaster Risk Management Capacity Building (OIC DRM-CaB) Programme in order to effectively plan and implement training programmes which will, no doubt, add to the specialisation efforts of experts in the OIC Member Countries in general and play an important role to improve managing disasters in the Member Countries.

You are highly welcomed to download the related questionnaire and involve in the efforts towards the realisation of the high level cooperation and collaboration among the OIC Member Countries.

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