What is OIC-VET?
Monitoring and Advisory Committee
National Focal Points


Three (3) main bodies are active in the implementation of the OIC-VET Programme:

The Monitoring and Advisory Committee (MAC) is responsible for drafting and adopting the rules and regulations, and for monitoring the overall implementation of the Programme. The membership comprises representatives from National Focal Points of the Member Countries and OIC institutions in the field of vocational education and training namely, SESRIC, ICESCO, IsDB, ICCIA, IUT and ICYF.

The Executing OIC Organ has the lead responsibility for the proper implementation and management of the Programme in conformity with the decisions taken by the Monitoring and Advisory Committee. The Executing Organ also bears overall responsibility for the supervision and coordination of the National Focal Points. SESRIC has been assuming this role since the endorsement of the OIC-VET Programme at the 24th Session of the COMCEC in 2008.

The National Focal Points (NFPs) are national offices that have been designated and set up by national authorities in charge of vocational education and training affairs in each member country. They promote and implement the Programme and act as the bridge between the Executing Organ and the beneficiaries.

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