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Activities & Capacity Building Programmes
   Diplomacy Capacity Building Programme
Agriculture & Environment
   Agriculture Capacity Building
   Cotton Training Programme
   Environment Capacity Building
   Water Resources Management Capacity Building
Economy, Finance & Trade
   Central Banks
   Stock Exchanges
   Competition Authorities
   Treasury Capacity Building
   Multilateral Trading Systems Capacity Building
   ISMEK Master Trainer Programme
   International Student Internship Programme
   Skill Development for Youth Employment
   Public Employment Services
   IbnSina Health Capacity Building
   Tobacco Free OIC
Information, Communication & Transportation
   ICT Capacity Building
   E-Government Working Group
   Postal Services Capacity Building Programme
   Railway Capacity Building
   Civil Registration Capacity Building
Labour & Social Security
   Occupational Safety and Health Capacity Building
   Occupational Safety and Health Network
Social Policy
  Poverty Alleviation Programme
  Social Security Institutions (SSI-CaB)
  OIC Sustainable Urbanization
  OIC Tourism Capacity Building Programme
  OIC Disaster Risk Management Capacity Building Programme
  OIC University Capacity Building Programme
  OIC NGO Capacity Building Programme

OIC Capacity Building Programmes

SESRIC endeavours to enhance cooperation with all related national, regional and international institutions aiming at assessing training needs and capacities of the OIC Member Countries in order to effectively plan and implement training courses and workshops through matching needs and capacities of the related institutions of the OIC Member Countries.

The main objective of the capacity building programmes is to explore the most practical ways of sharing the existing capacities among all relevant institutions in the OIC Member Countries. In implementing these programmes, the Centre regularly sends questionnaires to the focal institutions on the relevant subjects of training. Subsequently, based on the assessment of the responses to these questionnaires, the Center makes arrangements to organize training courses and workshops together with the contribution of national and international experts in order to support the capacity building activities in the Member Countries.

The high level of enrolment of participants into well-established training programmes and workshops according to their own choice in the Member Countries is a significant dimension of the capacity building programmes. Through these programs, the Centre made a great achievement by facilitating knowledge-sharing and capacity building for more than 10,000 people over the last decade.

Capacity Building Programmes

SESRIC is currently organising its training activities under the following areas: Diplomacy, Agriculture, Cotton, Environment, Water, Treasury, Central Banks, Stock Exchange, Competition, Trade, Employment, Health, Tobacco, Postal Services, Railway, Occupational Safety and Health, Civil Registration, Poverty Alleviation, e-Government, Social Security, Urbanisation, Disaster Risk Management, NGOs, Universities and Tourism.



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