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OIC Training Opportunities (TROP)


OIC Training Opportunities (TROP) is an online platform of information where training institutions operating in the OIC Member States can participate in the system and share their relevant institutional and training information in order to generate further cooperation and collaboration initiatives among them. All related training institutions are given online access, by assigning them usernames & passwords to TROP system so that they are themselves be enabled to maintain, monitor and enhance information of their institutions and available training categories.

TROP is based on the realisation that a more efficient and wider use of training facilities existing in the OIC Member States could be brought about by enabling individuals from certain States to participate in the training programmes conducted by peer institutions in the other ones. SESRIC is interested in gathering information on training categories under which short-term courses, workshops and/or seminars open to participants from the OIC Member States and designed for experienced staffs who aim at increasing their skills/knowledge in their areas of expertise.

SESRIC highly appreciates your valued cooperation and urges all training institutions in the OIC Member States to participate in TROP in order to ensure a more efficient and wider use of training facilities existing in the Member States, which will, no doubt, add to the specialisation efforts of experts in the Member States in general and play an important role in the improvement of human capital in these states.


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