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OIC-VET Partners Database - Introduction
Who are the OIC-VET Partners?

The OIC-VET Partners are those bodies, in the public and private sectors, whose areas of activities play role in the contribution to the development and competitiveness of the economies of the OIC Member States and who are able and keen to effectively participate in project implementations within the framework of the OIC-VET Programme. The following organizations/entities are the potential beneficiaries of the Programme:

  • Enterprises, industrial companies, SMEs
  • Business world, chambers, stock exchanges
  • VET institutions, centres, universities
  • Research centres and institutes
  • Local administrations, municipalities
  • NGOs and other civil society organisations
What is the OIC-VET Partners Database?

The OIC-VET Partners Database constitutes an optimised virtual pool in which all registered OIC-VET Partners will come together with the aim of facilitating the process of matching capacities and needs in the related areas of activities in order to effectively plan and implement OIC-VET projects. The dynamic character of the OIC-VET Partners Database allows users to enter/add/update/delete any details related to their registered bodies.

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