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   Diplomacy Capacity Building Programme
Agriculture & Environment
   Agriculture Capacity Building
   Cotton Training Programme
   Environment Capacity Building
   Water Resources Management Capacity Building
Economy, Finance & Trade
   Central Banks
   Stock Exchanges
   Competition Authorities
   Treasury Capacity Building
   Multilateral Trading Systems Capacity Building
   ISMEK Master Trainer Programme
   International Student Internship Programme
   Skill Development for Youth Employment
   Public Employment Services
   IbnSina Health Capacity Building
   Tobacco Free OIC
Information, Communication & Transportation
   ICT Capacity Building
   E-Government Working Group
   Postal Services Capacity Building Programme
   Railway Capacity Building
   Civil Registration Capacity Building
Labour & Social Security
   Occupational Safety and Health Capacity Building
   Occupational Safety and Health Network
Social Policy
  Poverty Alleviation Programme
  Social Security Institutions (SSI-CaB)
  OIC Sustainable Urbanization
  OIC Tourism Capacity Building Programme
  OIC Disaster Risk Management Capacity Building Programme
  OIC University Capacity Building Programme
  OIC NGO Capacity Building Programme

Training Institutions Membership Form

To become a member of the SESRIC Training Opportunities (TROP) Database please fill in the form as complete as possible. After you press the "Save" button, a page indicating your username and password appears.

After you have obtained your username and password, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us (at the e-mail address you provided), where then, you may enter the Training Institutions Member Panel, where you may add/update/delete the contacts list and/or categories/areas under which your Institution provides training.

Please fill in the form using ENGLISH language ONLY.

Country : Choose the country where your institution is located.
Ownership Type : Choose the type that best describes the official character of your institution.
Category : Choose the category that best describes your institution activities.
Institution Name: Insert the official name of your institution.
User Name :
Password : Choose an appropriate password and ensure that you do not forget it
Retype Password : Retype your password
Postal Address : Insert the postal address of your institution. Characters left:
Phone : Insert the phone number(s) (including country and city codes) of your institution. Ex: +902129992345
Fax : Insert the fax number(s) (including country and city codes) of your institution.
Web Address : Insert the website address of your institution. Ex: http://www.sesric.org
E-mail : Insert the e-mail address of your institution.
Head of Institution (SESRIC private use only)
Name : Insert the full name of the head person of your institution; Example: Mr. Ahmad Ibrahim (Director).
Phone : Insert the phone number(s) (including country and city codes) of the head person of your institution.
Fax : Insert the fax number(s) (including country and city codes) of the head person of your institution.
E-mail : Insert the e-mail address of the head person of your institution.
Contact Information
  Name Position Phone Fax Email
Contact 1:
Contact 2:
Contact 3:
Training Areas (Please select as many as areas under which your institution provides training)
Training Areas :
Administration & Management Agriculture & Food Security Applied Sciences
Banking and Finance Business & Marketing Development & Planning
Economics Education and Training Energy
Engineering Environment Health
Human Resource Development Industry & Manufacturing Information & Communications Technology
Insurance Social Studies Statistics
Tourism & Transportation Trade & Investment
Security Code Enter the values ​​that you see in the box.

After you finish filling the information, please do not forget to SAVE your entries.


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