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Water Resources Management Capacity Building Programme (Water-CaB)

Water is one of the most important topics on the agenda of OIC. The Islamic Conference of Ministers Responsible for Water convenes once every two years. At its first meeting in Turkey in 2012, The Conference urged SESRIC to utilize its expertise to collect information about water-related needs and capacities of the OIC Member States and develop a web portal to disseminate this information to all Member States as well as to use them in organizing and implementing training activities in the field of water in the Member Countries and adopted the OIC Water Vision.

In this connection, SESRIC developed the Water Resources Management Capacity Building Programme (Water-CaB) with the aim of enhancing capacities of human resources in the Member States. Water-CaB also aims to play an active role in facilitating exchanging the knowledge, experience and best practices in the domain of water among the member countries and thus contributing to the implementation of OIC Water Vision.

Water Resources Management Capacity Building Programme (Water-CaB)

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Venue Date  
Baku Azerbaijan 06-07 February 2013 Training Course on ‘Water Resources Management’ in Azerbaijan

Main Subjects

Water Resources Management Water Storing Techniques Protection of Drinking Water Resources
Groundwater management Irrigation systems Floods Risk Management
Water Quality Management Methods of Water Data and Information Collection (Water Statistics) Water pollution
Water Services Management Seawater Desalination Wastewater Recycle infrastructure
Integrated Water Resources Management Safe Drinking Water Resources Water Governance (Regulations)
Water and Environment    

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