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Stock Exchanges Capacity Building Programme (SEP)

The Capacity Building Programme for Stock Exchanges has been initiated in 2010. Within this framework, the Centre aims at organising short-term training courses on various technical aspects related to the stock exchanges through matching the needs and capacities of the stock exchanges of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries. The Centre analyses these needs and capacities through the responses of the related questionnaires and mobilizes stock exchange experts across the member countries to perform the needed training programmes.

Implemented SEP Activities

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Venue Date  
Muscat Oman 05-06 March 2013 Training Course on 'Islamic Financial Instruments' in Sultanate of Oman

Main subjects of the Stock Exchanges Capacity Building Programme (SEP)

Stock Exchange Basics Corporate Governance Legal Documentation & Compliance in Islamic Finance
Notions of Correlation and Volatility Strategic Role of Investor Relations (IR) Treasury Management and Liquidity Issues in Islamic Finance (IF)
Financial Risk Management (FRM) Rules of Listing, Disclosure and Transparency New Islamic Product Design (Islamic Financial Engineering)
Corporate Finance Islamic Debt and Equity Markets Products

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SESRIC highly appreciates your valued cooperation and urges all stock exchanges in the OIC member countries to participate in the Capacity Building Programme in order to effectively plan and implement training programmes which will, no doubt, add to the specialisation efforts of experts in the OIC member countries in general and play an important role in the improvement of human capital in the member countries.

You are cordially invited to download the related questionnaire and involve in the efforts towards the realisation of the high level cooperation and collaboration among the stock exchanges of the OIC member countries.

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